Boxing Training in Brisbane CBD

If you are looking for the ultimate fat loss workout that will get results quickly or just want a fun workout with an adrenaline rush, then Boxing Training classes at Aquarius Fitness & Well-being Centre are for you!
Conveniently located in the heart of Brisbane city we offer unique boxing sessions that help improve your speed, power, strength, endurance and balance in one workout.
Burn stacks of calories in one of our 45-minute or 30-minute, high intensity workouts. Our convenient sessions are the ideal way to lose fat quickly and punch away all that stress!

Aquarius boxing classes are social but hard work. Boxing provides a high intensity, full body workout that is also fun. Weight loss, improved muscle tone, increased core strength, greater agility and coordination, increased fitness levels and stress relief are just some of the benefits of a boxing training workout.

Our sessions are also an excellent cardio work-out and really shape up those buttocks and legs. Consider Hilary Swank from Million Dollar Baby or Mark Wahlberg from The Fighter!

Don’t be concerned if you haven’t boxed before, in our classes you will be helped to learn the basic skills and encouraged to work towards your fitness goals.

Boxing Training classes at Aquarius Fitness & Well-being Centre are designed for all genders and fitness levels. You will be challenged to work harder and longer, to gain maximum results from your workout.

Boxing is exercise that focusses on your physical, mental and emotional health. What better way to get fit while enjoying the fun and appealing atmosphere. All equipment is supplied. Contact is made only between boxing gloves and focus pads.

If you would like to find out more or would like to join our program, then view our Class Timetable

As part of your fitness class for your convenience we provide lockers, towels and personal hygiene products free.