Complete Body Training in Brisbane CBD

If you want a high intensity circuit class designed to give you a whole body workout, come to Aquarius and join in the Complete Body Training class.

This class is ideal for those wanting to lose a few kilos or to improve your strength, and will definitely leave you sweating. It is great for any fitness level, as a circuit style of class you can push yourself as hard as you need, all you need to do is just keep moving! Complete Body Training is a lunch time high intensity class that will help you achieve your personal weight loss or fitness goals.

Why not combine the Complete Body Training with one or more of our other fitness classes, such as Water Training, Boxing Training or Gym Circuit Training to complete your weekly fitness regime? View our  to see when you can come in and join in our Complete Body Training class. As part of your fitness class for your convenience we provide lockers, towels and personal hygiene products free.