Dry Finnish Sauna in Brisbane CBD

At Aquarius within our Asian inspired or ‘Onsen’ style bathhouse is our Dry Finnish Sauna.

A dry sauna experience can help to relieve stress, encourage blood circulation and assist in revitalising the skin through perspiration.

A dry sauna causes the body to sweat although the heat is much more tolerable than a wet sauna. During a sauna session your heart rate and metabolism increases due to the extreme temperatures. In a 20 minute dry sauna session you can burn approximately 300 calories with no effort. This is equivalent to a long walk, short exercise session or run.

The dry sauna helps to burn calories and therefore aids in weight loss and detoxification.

Also included in the bathhouse experience is our 22m tiled indoor heated swimming pool, we have a large Turkish style steam room where you can float between either a dip in the pool, a sweat up in the steam room or a de-stress in the dry Finnish sauna in the female or male Asian inspired bathhouse or ‘Onsen’ complete with the cold and hot plunge pools.

Please note that in the male and female bathhouses clothing is optional, however in the unisex areas such as the swimming pool and steam room clothing must be worn (such as swimmers/bathers).