Relax in our CBD location, with hot and cold magnesium plunge pools, steam rooms, and saunas


Aquarius staff are now undertaking a protocol to disinfect surfaces throughout the bathhouse to ensure your safety and show you that we are taking current matters very seriously.

You will see on the back of each bath entry, a form that denotes our ‘spray and wipe’ roster three times a day which will be signed by the staff member that completes the task.

Take a Look!

We are unique in the Brisbane spa scene as entry to our bathhouse includes the use of our 22m indoor heated pool, male and female Asian inspired bathhouses and fitness centre. Whether you want to relax in the steam room or work out in the fitness centre – Aquarius has it all. We also offer fitness classes, so why not re-energise and de-stress in a yoga class. Come in and leave the stresses of the city behind you, Aquarius is the place to rejuvenate and revive.

NO BOOKINGS ARE NECESSARY to use this facility!

Casual Day Pass Entry Just $30!

Due to the Government COVID-19 Safety Plan, please note the new conditions we have at the Gym and Spa:

CASUAL ENTRY & DAY SPA TREATMENTS (excl. 30 min massages)

  • Still receive lockers
  • Viewing ID and signing in is compulsory
  • Cashless payment preferred      
  • No towels provided (bring own towels and swimmers)
  • No phones allowed in bathhouse. We take no responsibility for the loss of any valuables during your visit.


*Please note that the “Casual Entry 10 Visit Pass” is not to be shared – applies to original purchaser only
12 MonthCasual Full Day EntryCasual Entry 10 Visit Pass*
$108.00 per month on direct debit*

Our Bathhouse Facilities

Please note that in the male and female bathhouses clothing is optional, however in the unisex areas such as the swimming pool and steam room clothing must be worn (such as swimmers/bathers).

Indoor Heated Swimming Pool in Brisbane CBD

The pool is a unisex area 

Aquarius Day Spa is home to a spectacular temperature-controlled 22m indoor pool in the heart of the city of Brisbane. Whether you want to relax and revitalise yourself, or challenge your fitness with some lane swimming, this is the place to be. By focusing on the rhythm of your swimming it helps to calm your mind and relax, gently easing the stresses of the day.

Complete your relaxation by moving from the pool to our steam room, or traditional. Indulge yourself with a massage or a , which naturally follows the steam bath routine with its profound relaxation effects. What a wonderful way to start or end the day! People of all fitness levels can benefit from a swimming workout.

The supportive, low-impact environment of the pool makes swimming an ideal activity for people returning from an injury, women during pregnancy, and people with degenerative conditions. Water training classes are also offered at Aquarius day spa. Come and enjoy our temperature-controlled 22m indoor pool. Relax or workout before or after work, during your lunch break or on a well-earned day off.

Turkish style steam room at Aquarius Day Spa in Brisbane CBD

The steam room is a unisex area – clothing must be worn

In the heart of Brisbane in Mary Street, Aquarius has an Asian style bathhouse that offers a place to rest, unwind and recover in a calming atmosphere. As part of your relaxation regime you can sit back and relax, recharge and rejuvenate in our Turkish Style Steam Room. Routinely using a steam room helps to soothe your mind and body, relieving stress and relaxing your muscles. It can also aid in eliminating toxins and increasing the body’s metabolism while assisting in boosting the immune system. The steam bath or steam sauna is one of the most popular forms of heating the body and originates from Turkish baths centuries ago.

Hot and Cold Plunge Pools at Aquarius Day Spa in Brisbane CBD

The male & female plunge pools are separate areas – clothing is optional

Tranquil reflections in our plunge pools… A great way to relax, reflect and let go of daily stress.

Our inviting hot and cold plunge pools are part of our Asian style bathhouse.

Guests can plunge into the hot and cold plunge pools intermittently after heat treatments. The cold temperature in the pool quickly cools the body, and stimulates the blood circulation. The contrast in temperature between hot and cold can be beneficial to the body as the circulation is increased and it also has a toning effect on the skin. Growth Hormone levels spike with cold stimulation (known as ‘cold hydrotherapy’) and are associated with increased muscle mass and decreased fat content.

Dry Finnish Sauna in Brisbane CBD

The male & female plunge pools are separate areas – clothing is optional

At Aquarius within our Asian inspired or ‘Onsen’ style bathhouse is our Dry Finnish Sauna.

A dry sauna experience can help to relieve stress, encourage blood circulation and assist in revitalising the skin through perspiration.

A dry sauna causes the body to sweat although the heat is much more tolerable than a wet sauna. During a sauna session your heart rate and metabolism increases due to the extreme temperatures. In a 20 minute dry sauna session you can burn approximately 300 calories with no effort. This is equivalent to a long walk, short exercise session or run.

The dry sauna helps to burn calories and therefore aids in weight loss and detoxification.

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